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DKN Quality Management Consultancy was established in 2004.


One of the points of pride of our company is that our entire team is made up of experienced Food Engineers, Dietitians and Specialists who have worked in the food, catering, health and quality & surveillance sector for many years (planning, operations, management, quality, etc.). Our team's field experiences guide us to achieve the most accurate and solution-oriented results in audits, risk analyses, action plans, company-specific trainings.


As of 2011, the lack in the system establishment/control areas in the sector (not exceeding 5-10% of the consultancy companies serving the purpose in real terms) have been noticed and our field of activity developed like "Supervision of all food production and distribution areas in shopping centers and issuing performance reports", “Food production, distribution, food contact material production, food chemicals production points system installation, supervision and action plans” etc.


Especially with the shopping mall supervisions, a common working environment has been created with many local and international companies within the shopping malls.

At the same time, as of 2013, we have started to work with the leading catering companies in Turkey.


As of 2017, the scope of our services in different production areas has increased with BRC 7 system installation, process management, audits, and evaluation services.

In 2018, our consultancy in different business lines started since the awareness of worker health and safety started to settle and the company officials adopted the importance of a systematic approach to worker nutrition. In this context, our service network has expanded within the scope of "Supplier Audits" by customers of these companies, not catering companies or food producers.


Currently, we continue our services in Turkey’s most prestigious shopping malls, catering companies, bistros and companies that want to be able to follow their service providers by the experts of the business (especially the leading automotive companies in Turkey, factories with large production network, etc.).


Our vision is to convey the importance of public health and food safety to companies in order to realize the RIGHT practices in the sector and to minimize unfair competition, to form teams that will realize the right practices or to lead them, to contribute to the awareness of the society and the sector in general by doing the most correct work.


Our mission is to establish a full capacity (food safety, operation, cost, correct purchase, quality, etc.) system, the traceability of the systems, the correct evaluation, the correct determination and evaluation of risk analyzes for food companies with the right composition of the experiences as the third party we have gained in the food sector, whether production, operation, quality control or management.


Building and management of the right team in this direction.


“As of 2020, a reporting system on software has been designed to make our reporting service easier to access online for our customers who request and we will be able to access reports online with company-specific passwords we will give our customers, retrospective records and statistics can be obtained and printed.


The audits will be carried out on the same software and as soon as the audit is completed, it will be instantly reviewed online by the customer.


The audit application and reporting software are revised in line with customer demands and needs.”



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