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As DKN Quality Management Consultancy, in all businesses that perform food production, storage, sales, etc., we provide;


- Food Safety Consultancy,

- Quality Systems Certification Consultancy,

- Franchise and Branch Auditing/Training Consultancy

- Education Consultancy,

- Confidential Customer Consultancy,

- Collective Nutrition and Restaurant Operation and Quality Management Consultancy

- Laboratory and Analysis Consultancy

- Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy


At the same time;

- Within the scope of our "Conscious Individual, Healthy Generation" Project in schools, we become your solution partner in your company/business by accurately identifying risks and action plans and producing the right solutions in accordance with your needs in the areas of Awareness Counseling.





In line with legislation, international standards and legal requirements;


- Making business infrastructure feasibility and determining the requirements.

- Determination of prerequisite programs and evaluation of operational prerequisite programs.

- Conducting hazard and risk analyzes in accordance with the production structure of the enterprise, and planning the necessary measures in this direction.

- Designing the production area following the production method and safe food production or contributing to the improvement of the current situation.

- Preparation of the audit plan and checklist suitable for the company after the pre-determination audit.

- Providing personnel with basic hygiene and food safety training, on-the-job training upon request.

- Conducting unannounced food safety and quality audits, providing on-the-job training during audits, reporting the audits in detail and directing the necessary actions in line with the determinations.

- Follow-up and evaluation of corrective actions.

- Scoring the audit reports, ensuring that the necessary data are created for the creation of internal competition and performance evaluation.

- Performing supplier audits.

We provide services above and control the factors that will adversely affect your safe food production at every stage from your supplier selection, raw material purchases, storage conditions, product presentation stages, we install the necessary systems to ensure the system, we audit the system and carry out the necessary studies to ensure the continuity of the system.

We determine the control of the "food safety" of the system and applications with technical measurements and analyzes (end-product analysis, equipment swap analysis, personnel swap analysis, etc.), we detect weak links in the system and intervene.

Correct and effectively applied food safety systems are legally and technically necessary, as well as reducing/controlling financial losses to the business, customer satisfaction and thus increasing revenue, while increasing the image and brand value of the business.




In order for BRC Food, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 22000: 2018 (HACCP, FSSC), OHSAS 18001 systems to be installed in your business one by one or integrated, to be applied correctly and then to be certified as a result of the audit performed by the relevant systems;


o Preparing the status feasibility of the company to which the system will be established and planning.

o Making the necessary guidance in determining the company team to be included in the system, preparing the organization chart.

o Reporting on required prerequisite programs, making necessary warnings for infrastructure improvements.

o Preparation and delegation of the work plan in line with the pre-audit.

o Providing necessary guidance on document preparation, verification of documents,

o Ensuring the implementation of document applications at pilot points and finalizing the system with necessary revisions.

o Making the necessary guidance regarding internal audits, Planning, Management Review Meetings, Trainings, Supplier audits, etc. system requirements, participating when necessary.

o Before the certification audit to be carried out, reporting the deficiencies, following the improvement process.

o Participation in the audit during the certification audit, upon request.


We provide services above and take part in all related processes as observers or associates.

With the awareness that the system does not consist of only document and infrastructure conditions, we ensure the control of the processes after the system installation and after the receipt of the document, we carry out the necessary studies to spread the system awareness to the whole team from the top management to the subordinate personnel and to create general consciousness.




Checklists prepared by the center in food production, service, etc. companies working with chain stores and Franchise systems, by the company requirements in all matters (including contract terms) on food safety, quality, operational issues, infrastructure conditions, presentation conditions, supplier selection, personnel characteristics, etc. We carry out audits with our expert auditors and provide information solutions necessary for the implementation of company principles and systems at the same standard and quality, from the center to the furthest branch.

These independent third-eye audits show that they are always controlled for the correct application of the system for employees and franchise businesses, ensuring that negligence and wrong practices are minimized and that the center has up-to-date information about all branches and businesses, thus creating an opportunity for timely interventions, thus ensuring standardization at all quality points. contributes to customer satisfaction and thus to increase brand value and revenue.




The most important resource of businesses is their personnel. Conscious personnel concept is of great importance in terms of both food safety and operational issues.

The investments made, the systems installed and the right raw materials purchased in a business without personnel awareness will not make any sense, and company losses will occur in many issues from food safety to costs.

In this direction, in line with the needs of your business, we are working on improving your personnel awareness with correct training planning. These trainings are;


- Basic hygiene trainings,

- Food safety basic trainings,

- On-the-job trainings,

- BRC Food basic trainings,

- Food safety management system (ISO 22000 / HACCP / FSSC) basic trainings

- OHS (OHSAS) Basic Trainings

- ISO 9001 basic trainings

- Documentation training in line with the systems

- Covid-19 awareness training




We make visits as a customer, not as an auditor, in order to determine whether the service and production under the operating rules and systems specified in your business, branches or franchise points are carried out correctly or whether the rules you have determined are sufficient in terms of customer satisfaction, we analyze and report the accuracy of the applications in the normal process and operation with the eyes of the customer.




" Providing advice during the determination of the mass nutrition company to work with.

" Performing routine company audits

" Technical training of lower - middle - upper personnel.

" Control of the applicability of the systems and their technical reporting, coordinating the installation of the systems, controlling their implementation and initiating corrective and preventive actions accordingly.

" Preparing menus with calorie and variety of meals suitable for the customer profile with the help of nutritionists, dieticians and food engineers in our team.

" Performing and evaluating supplier performance audits.

" Establishment of documentation and training of systems.

" Providing verbal and written customer relations support on technical issues.

" Providing basic nutrition and hygiene training in schools and basic technical training in other customers if requested.

" Making operational determinations when requested during audits (presentation, menu harmony, correct equipment usage, customer relations, teamwork, sensory controls, weight control, correct product usage, etc.).

" Managing the quality systems process.




Aware that the most important steps should be taken at childhood for a healthy generation, we provide awareness-raising trainings on basic subjects such as;

- Healthy eating,

- Personal hygiene,

- Food safety and hygiene,

- Bacteria and protection from bacteria,

- Food of housing etc.

to kindergartens, primary school and other level age group students when requested and at the end of the trainings, we give the participants a "conscious individual" certificate approved by a food engineer.



microbiological analysis,

GDO analysis,

pesticide residue analysis,

physical analysis,

chemical analysis,

mycotoxin analysis,

mineral analysis,

species determinations.

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